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What is SLR?

The Path to True Financial Freedom

SALARY ($SLR) is a frictionless, yield-generating token on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 token). As the centerpiece of the Salary Eco Finance platform, $SLR is designed to generate passive income for all holders. Rewards/Reflections are paid out in USDTether.

Each time a transaction is executed in the smart contract (Buys/Sells), a percentage of the transaction is taxed – and re-routed to all existing holders in USDTether. Buys are taxed at a lower percentage rate than Sells – to increase ‘Buy Pressure’ and decrease ‘Sell Pressure’ on the token. Reflections are paid out every 60 minutes, volume permitting.

Each product launched by Salary Eco Finance has a positive and consistent tokenomic/economic impact on $SLR. Investing in $SLR is tantamount to investing in our entire ecosystem – and ensures maximum earning potential from all that we have to offer at Salary Eco Finance.

$SLR is currently available on Pancakeswap


Benefits Of SLR


Your Rewards, Your Terms

SALARY pays out rewards in USDT (Tether), a stable coin tied to the US Dollar. USDT is by far the most popular stable coin and has market pairs with almost every other cryptocurrency in existence. No need to needlessly convert or swap your tokens into other currencies like so many other projects.


Smooth as Silk Frictionless Yield Generation

SALARY offers its holders the highest reward payout structure in the crypto space.


Road Map

SALARY’s entire model is driven by market trading volume. To ensure on-chain volume continues to grow at a steady pace, the team has a ton of projects and upgrades on the horizon. Be sure to check our Road Map section for updates!


It Takes a Village…

We may be a newly minted digital asset, but our Community is exploding with growth. SALARY maintains a presence on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, and more. Have a question on rewards? Want to hear what others have been doing with theirs? Stop by and say hello! Everyone is welcome!

See the Tokenomics section for more information on how the Rewards System works!


SALARY token Distribution

  • Tokens in circulation

    1,000,000 SLR

  • Total Supply

    1,000,000 SLR


10% ‘Transaction Fee’ automatically incurred on SELL transactions
8% of 10% redistributed to all Holders of SALARY
1% of 10% reserved for Marketing
1% of 10% transferred into Liquidity



10% ‘Transaction Fee’ automatically incurred on BUY transactions
8% of 10% redistributed to all Holders of SALARY
1% of 10% reserved for Marketing
1% of 10% transferred into Liquidity

SALARY has been a success since its inception
and achieved 100% of our target Pre-Launch Goals!
from total supply

1BNB = 1000 SLR

  • 2021.11.15
  • 2021.11.20
  • 20:00 (UTC)
  • 20:00 (UTC)
reached Hardcap

400 BNB

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a list of some of the MOST frequently asked questions we’ve gotten so far. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you would like more information. We’re here to answer any/all of your questions/concerns!

I bought 100 Salary Tokens but only received 90 in my wallet. Why?

SALARY imposes a 10% tax on buy transactions and 10% on sell transactions to help fuel the rewards system. Refer to our Tokenomics section for more info.

What Slippage Level should I set on PancakeSwap?


When SALARY gets listed on a centralized exchange, how will people who purchase SALARY there receive Rewards?

Because of the nature of our Smart Contract, those who choose to buy/sell SALARY on a centralized exchange will NOT benefit from our USDT Rewards System. If they would like to participate, they will need to move their tokens to a BSC wallet such as Trust Wallet or Metamask to begin earning rewards.

If I send my SALARY tokens from one wallet to another – which tax percentage will I be charged?

Sending $SLR from one BSC wallet to another will result in a 0% tax. For example, John sends Janet 100 $SLR. Janet will receive 100 $SLR